Shopping guide

To make a purchase, you can use the following methods:

- Option 1: Contact the nearest agent/supermarket to place an order.

- Option 2: Call to make a purchase at the phone number: 1900565603.

- Option 3: Purchase products on the company's website at

Responsibilities of the seller and the customer:

1. Our Responsibilities

- Provide comprehensive and accurate product-related information to customers.

- Deliver products of the highest quality to customers and ensure that the delivered products match the quality ordered by customers.

- Deliver products within the committed timeframe to customers.

- Allow customers to inspect the products before delivery.

- Provide assistance in resolving and handling issues that customers may encounter during product usage.

2. Customer Responsibilities

- Inspect the products before accepting them.

- Make full payment in accordance with the value of the received goods, as specified in the invoice.

- Provide complete and accurate information to agents, distributors, etc., when making exchanges or returns.

Additionally, if customers need advice, they can call the phone number 1900565603 for assistance.

Ohawa's working hours: Monday to Saturday (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM).